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Revisions to Articles XII. Board and XIII. Functions of the Board. Motion "Increase the Board Size" [Statutes revision] (9)
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2018 GA Budget, Revised from Annual Report and Treasurer's Statement [Proposals] (3)
Offices, functions and positions of the Board [Statutes revision] (3)
New vote tool : Congressus [PPI Tools] (3)
Revisions to Article XIII.6 Functions of the Board [Statutes revision] (7)
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Standing Committee for the revision of the statutes [Proposals] (9)
Standing Committee for ECOSOC and International NGO activities [Proposals] (1)
Revisions to Article VII. Termination of Membership [Statutes revision] (10)
New Statute XXII. Formal Committee of the General Assembly [Statutes revision] (6)
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